Felicity "Flick" Palmateer

In 2015 Felicity rode the biggest wave ever ridden by a female Australian surfer.
Felicity "Flick" Palmateer
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Felicity "Flick" Palmateer


Felicity Palmateer, aka “Flick” is an internationally renowned surfer, passionate artist and always-aspiring conservationist.

Flick began surfing with her father at the age of six near Perth in West Australia and quickly progressed to the heavy reef and beach breaks down south around Margaret River.

She was first sponsored age 10 and is a former State Champion, Pro Junior Champion and ISA world finalist.

In 2012, at age 18, Flick replaced World Champion Chelsea Georgeson on the 2012 Women’s World Tour.

Flick is a two-time winner of the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro trials (2013 & 2016) and more recently, her performances in extra-large surf have pushed the boundaries of women’s big wave riding.

In 2015, Felicity became the first girl to tackle the remote West Australian reef break, Cow Bombie and in 2016 she finished 3rd in the first-ever Women’s WSL Big Wave World Championship held at Jaws, Maui.

In 2017, she placed 6th.

Flick is a former winner of the Women’s Health “I Support Women in Sport” Award and is a three-time Australian Surfing Awards nominee (2015, 2016, 2017). In 2016 she was the sole female nominated in the Oakley Big Wave Awards.

Felicity is regarded as having ridden the biggest waves EVER surfed by an Australian female surfer.